2nd Pregnancy Must Haves

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Hi friends!

So I did a post like this at the end of my first pregnancy, but have found SO many new & helpful products, that I thought I’d create an updated list. Read below for more details on all of my favorite things throughout this pregnancy. I’m hoping to get a postpartum one up as well, after baby is born 🙂 xoxo

A good bath pillow – especially nearing the end of my pregnancy, I’ve been taking a lottttt of baths. Baby boy is so low now and putting so much pressure on my downstairs areas that baths are pretty much the only time I can get some relief. If I’m having bad back or joint pain, or constipation, I’ll throw in some epsom salt as well (my favorite is the 365 brand from Whole Foods).

Gentle razor – this is definitely not a pregnancy-specific item, but for some reason during both of my pregnancies, and after, any time I shaved my legs would burn like crazy and I’d get TONS of razor burn. I had tried EVERYTHING and I mean everything; alllll the different shaving creams, changing my razor head, shaving with coconut oil, shaving with conditioner, etc etc, and nothing worked. I had heard good things about this razor from Target and I am absolutely in LOVE!! It’s super gentle and really efficient. I actually just use it with my Olay body wash and it works wonderfully. Can’t say enough good things about this product.

Cozy sweatpants – I’ve owned these non-maternity sweats forever, and they’ve remained a favorite all throughout my pregnancy. I bought the size xs long before getting pregnant, and through dozens of washes/drys, they somehow still fit me 35+ pounds later. I love how roomy and loose they are.

The perfect dress for pregnancy/postpartum + beyond – I’m sure by now you’ve seen this dress all over Instagram. It’s really THAT good!! I own it in 2 colors, but it comes in several colors and is also on sale right now! I would typically buy this in a small or xs, but I’ve worn a medium my whole pregnancy for the bump. This piece is not maternity, so it can work even after pregnancy too. Oh and I love the length! Definitely not too short even with a bump.

Maternity Spanx – This was literally the first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant this time. And the price is SO good! It has been a staple under every dress I’ve worn and I absolutely love it. I wear it with the dresses mentioned above, and even looser swing dresses. It’s nice because it really holds everything together, and I like that you can also wear a panty liner with it if need be.

Thin panty liners – Yes, you read that correctly! I don’t know if it’s just me, but during both of my pregnancies, especially towards the end, I’ve experienced so much “leakage.” From what I’ve read, when the baby starts to move lower, it can push on your bladder and cause dripping, and even additional discharge. Soooo uncomfortable so these have really made all the difference for me.

Facial roller – I actually started using this shortly after Shiloh was born and was having bad migraines. After cutting out gluten and dairy, my migraines completely disappeared! But when I got pregnant again this time, my whole diet went out the window because I was STARVING all. the. time. Migraines were one my main pregnancy symptoms the whole first trimester, and I’ve randomly had tons of sinus pressure the whole pregnancy due to what I think are just pregnancy related allergies. I use this facial roller all over my sinus area and it works amazingly!

Best body pillow EVER – During my first pregnancy I used the Snoogle body pillow. It was ok but not really life changing, and the material was pretty uncomfortable. I knew I wanted a new one that went around both sides for this pregnancy, so I grabbed this one off Amazon. All things considered, I’ve been getting pretty great sleep this pregnancy! I 100% attribute that to this body pillow! The head pillow part is a tiny bit high for my liking, so I actually sleep with the pillow flipped around – I use my regular pillow at my head and keep the head part of the body pillow at my feet. I actually love it because if I get cold I just tuck my feet under that part of the pillow and it keeps me warm!

Pregnancy safe skincare – I’ve been using Tula skincare for almost 3 years now and still have yet to find anything I like better than their line. It’s gentle yet effective and has seriously changed my skin for the better! This cleanser is my absolute favorite for both day and night. I use their toner as well, but have heard mixed things about using their moisturizer during pregnancy, as it supposedly contains retinol, which is not pregnancy-safe. So for that reason I did some research and purchased a different moisturizer just for this pregnancy. I have been so pleasantly surprised by this Nutrogena moisturizer! It’s been super gentle and lightweight, I definitely recommend it!

Collagen body moisturizer – This body moisturizer was recommended by one of my favorite YouTubers (smlx0), and is actually an Amazon find. The price is amazing and omg it smells SO good! I didn’t get any stretch marks with Shiloh, and didn’t really or consistently use any lotions during that pregnancy, so sort of assumed that genetically I just don’t get them. I started noticing 2 small stretch marks on each hip recently, so I purchased this lotion to put all over my bely, hips, butt, and thighs. This is not marketed as a stretch mark cream at all, but my theory is that since collagen is amazing for improving your skin’s elasticity, and keeping your body moisturized is supposed to be very helpful in preventing stretch marks, I thought this would be a good product to try! I can’t stand the smell/feel of most of the dedicated stretch mark creams, but there are of course many of those options available as well.

Nursing bra – So after finding out I was pregnant, I very (VERY) quickly went from a solid A/B cup to a DD. I hateeee big boobs and was so used to not having to wear bras once I stopped nursing Shiloh, so hoping these babies deflate again once I’m done breastfeeding this time haha. That being said, I needed some bras to accommodate my new size, so I figured it’d just be smart to get nursing friendly bras and not have to spend money twice. I had some sports bra style nursing bras last pregnancy and liked them at first, but after a few washes the material became super uncomfortable. I also didn’t like that they didn’t offer much support for the times we were out in public. I decided to grab 2 of these supportive nursing bras and LOVE them (they have a bogo deal going right now)! They don’t have underwire so they’re not super uncomfortable, but are still supportive enough to wear in public. NOTE* I tried to measure myself using the size chart on the Soma site and it was soooo off for me! I returned the first ones I got and repurchased for the size I thought I was and those fit perfectly. So ignore their size chart if you purchase! I did also purchase these sports bra style nursing bras for lounging around the house. The material is really comfortable, but the pads inside seems to fold up really quickly, so still on the lookout for a true favorite in this style.

Natural Calm gummies – These gummies have helped me to fall asleep so much better than normal! I take 4 before bed. They are just magnesium, and help with so many things including sleep, anxiey/stress, constipation, headaches, and nausea. I really notice a huge difference when I miss taking them for a day. As with any supplements, please consult your doctor before taking anything new!

Lemon Balm – This was a Medical Medium recommendation for natural anxiety relief. My anxiety has improved tremendously over the past year (all glory to God!!), but I have still experienced small bouts during my pregnancy. This product has honestly helped so much!! You just take one full dropper under your tongue as needed. It instantly calms you down, but not in a dramatic way to where you feel lazy or sluggish. After doing some research before purchasing, I noticed there are actually a lot of prenatal benefits to using lemon balm during pregnancy. As with any supplements, please consult your doctor before taking anything new!

Rainbow Light Prenatal vitamins – These are the vitamins I have taken the entire time we were trying to conceive, and my whole pregnancy. The only time I stopped taking them was during my first trimester because for some reason they made me SO nauseous. I was listening to the Medical Medium podcast not long ago, and this is actually the only brand of prenatal vitamins that he recommends, so it made me feel even better about them! As with any supplements, please consult your doctor before taking anything new!

Cranberry capsules – Right before getting pregnant, I had just recovered from a 3 month long uti. I am prone to getting utis often, and got a few back to back at the beginning of my pregnancy as well. I began taking 4 of these cranberry soft gels daily, and haven’t had one uti symptom since! As with any supplements, please consult your doctor before taking anything new!

Insulated water tumbler – Obviously water consumption is one of the main importances during pregnancy. I’m already a really good water drinker as it is, but I like my water COLD. Like almost frozen. I load up my tumbler in the morning with like 3/4 ice and then pour water over top. This cup keeps my water ice cold all day and throughout the night when I fill it up before bed. I use these stainless steel straws, but recently heard they might not be healthy, as you are consuming bits of heavy metals from off the straw, so I purchased these ones too.

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