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Hi friends!!!

So as you’ve gathered from the title of this post, we are expecting Baby #2 this coming May, and are beyond excited!! I wanted to share a little bit about how we found out, and the first trimester thus far. This pregnancy has been different in so many ways from my pregnancy with Shiloh, so I’m excited to get into the details with you! <3

I’ll start off with how we found out..I’ve been pretty open about how we’ve been trying for most of 2018 (well not howww, but just the fact that we have been haha). But since my season of bad anxiety & panic attacks (you can read the post all about it here), my periods had been off, and most months I wouldn’t even ovulate. We knew God had a plan and had put having more children on our hearts for a reason, so we did not get discouraged, but kept in mind that His plan & timing are perfect, and His promises will come to fruition in that perfect time. In the meantime I continued to pray for a healthy baby, and for a much more manageable pregnancy. My pregnancy with Shiloh was horrific from like week 5 all the way until she was born (we’re talking the worst morning sickness ever, fainting, preterm labor, bed rest, alllll the things), so I was reallyyyy praying this time haha! On September 6, I was in bed getting ready to fall asleep and began to have really intense cramps. It was like my period on steroids. I remembered that I had experienced this right before I found out I was pregnant with Shiloh, but had just thought I was getting my period at that time, so I thought this time I may as well take a test. I waited like 10 minutes (ok it was probably more like 2 but I was so tired!) for that 2nd line to show up, but it was negative so I ended up just throwing the test in the trash & going to bed. The next morning I was giving Shiloh a bath in our bathroom, and had this weird inkling to grab the test out of the trash and look at it one more time. Sure enough, there was the faintest little line that you could barely see! I was honestly in shock and FaceTimed Christian to see if he could see the line too, or if I was going crazy 😂 He said he could see it too and was in total disbelief/overjoyed, just as I was!! So being the impatient person that I am, I kept taking tests for the next few days, and watching that 2nd line get darker each day. I also did one of the digital “Pregnant/Not Pregnant” tests and that came out “Not Pregnant” during those first few tries. After about 3 or 4 days, I finally got the “Pregnant” on the digital test, and 2 bold dark lines on the other.

We went to the doctor at about 4.5 weeks and they took some blood to confirm the pregnancy, as well as check my hcg & progesterone levels. My hcg came back 391, and my progesterone was at an 11.2, which is low – my doctor wanted to see at least a 20. Progesterone is the hormone that helps your uterus sustain the pregnancy, and carry the baby to term. It can lead to miscarriage if your body does not have enough in the early stages of pregnancy, so the doctor prescribed me some progesterone pills. I didn’t go to the doctor until 8 weeks with Shiloh, and I don’t even think I had blood work until like 12 weeks, so I’m not actually sure what my levels were with her. Taking any sort of medication or substance always freaks me out like crazy. My body is SO sensitive, and I’ve had really bad reactions to so many different medications, that I totally held off from starting the progesterone right away. This may seem crazy, but I did HOURS of research on the topic, started implementing some natural things I could do to raise my level, and prayed about the decision I had to make about whether or not to take the pills. For how early along I was in my pregnancy, some doctors would have considered my 11.2 a perfectly normal number. So I was definitely back and forth. However, through my research, I noticed that a progesterone defficieny, or more commonly reffered to as “estrogen dominance” can cause terrible anxiety, insomnia/interrupted sleep, appetite changes; all symptoms that I experience severely. I also have a family history of breast cancer on my mom’s side, and noticed that estrogen dominance is one of the main causes (we do not have the brca gene, so this made a ton of sense). I ultimately decided to start taking the progesterone (I made sure to get the natural stuff from a compounding pharmacy, definitely was not going to take the synthetic after all the research I’d done!). I felt completely fine after taking it, I was shocked! In fact, I’ve begun sleeping through the night (I had been up 3-4 hours in the middle of the night EVERY night for as long as I can remember), my anxiety that I was experiencing daily is almost completely gone, and I feel calm and HAPPY!! I can’t remember a time where I’ve ever felt this normal and just plain good mentally. I’m so so glad I decided to take the added boost of progesterone. I’m supposed to stay on it until I’m 12 weeks, but I’m curious to see how it effects my body/emotions when I go off of it again. I’m really starting to think that it’s something my body may need long term, so we’ll see!

Ok…now getting into my first trimester – the fun stuff!! As I mentioned above, this pregnancy has been super different from my pregnancy with Shiloh! This pregnancy has been sooo much easier on my body overall, but I’ll go ahead and break it all down for you below;


*STARVING – so Christian and I both were very convinced we were having twins in the beginning (there’s just one in there, fyi) because of how hungry I was ALL. THE. TIME. I went from not having any appetite for about 5 months straight before getting pregnant, to eating everything in sight and never getting full! To be honest, I had been praying for my appetite to return, so this actually made me SO happy. I actually gained 6 pounds in the first 2 weeks 😂😂 but I lose weight pretty easily, so I’m not too worried about it for now. I just want me and the baby to be healthy!!

*Exhaustion – as most women in their first trimester, I have been veryyy sleepy. I’ve been needing a 2-3 hour nap every day, and luckily have been able to sleep when Shiloh takes her nap. I definitely don’t have my usual energy level, throughout the day, but I’m confident that energy will return come the 2nd trimester.

*Jakson – our dog. Before I found out I was pregnant with Shiloh, I remember I kept commenting on how extra attatched to me Jakson was. He wanted to be laying on/around my stomach at all times. I found out so early this time, that I caught him doing the same thing right around when we found out! And every night he sleeps in little spoon position right against my stomach 😂 It’s so cute!! Dog’s are SO smart it’s crazy!!

*Peeing – I had been peeing like 40 times a day (I don’t think I’m even exaggerating on that), but I realized the more I eat, the more I pee. I think it’s like my stomach pushing on my bladder, and the fact that I’m drinking more water as I eat more, bc I’m thirsty more frequently. I didn’t pee this much until like the end of my pregnancy with Shiloh, so it’s super weird to me to be experiencing this right in the beginning!

*Boobs – My boobs have literally grown about 2 or 3 sizes since getting pregnant. They were pretty sore/tender in the beginning, but now they’re just big. I’m probably the only woman in the world to say this, but I hate big boobs. I was so happy when mine shrank 3 sizes after Shiloh stopped breastfeeding, so I’m hoping it happens again after this baby!

*Morning sickness – Up until week 6.5, I was cruising right on through with no nausea or morning sickness. I really thought I was going to be in the clear this time. But I was wrong..One night it was like a switch just flipped in my body and I started to throw up/dry heave like crazy. It’s weird though, my morning sickness only lasted for around 2 weeks, and now will randomly come here and there, but for the most part it goes away when I eat. I also have a prescription for Bonjesta (Diclegis) that I take for the nausea as needed, but really haven’t needed it much recently.

*Sensitive teeth – my teeth will randomly be super sensitive at times. This is a symptom I never experienced with Shiloh, but I know is very common. It isn’t 24/7, but kind of comes and goes at random. *This symptom only lasted from about weeks 4-6

*Lower backaches – I pretty much always have an achy lower back, even when not pregnant, just from carrying Shiloh around. My back pain got a lot worse during the first month of my pregnancy, but has seemed to go back to normal now, and only bothers me if I have a busy day.

*Headaches – Aside from the nausea, this has been my most pesky/persistent symptom. I’ve had chronic migraines most of my life, but when I got pregnant with Shiloh they completely went away. They only recently started back up again this past summer, but since getting pregnant this go around, I’ve had one almost every day. It’s been so annoying!! I read that extreme headaches during pregnancy are a wives tale for having a boy, so we shall see!


I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’ve had any consistent “cravings” this pregnancy. I have eaten a lottttt of double cheeseburgers though! And when I do want something, it’s always salty, hearty, cheesy, or tomatoey. And the amount of food I can eat is mind boggling.


10 weeks

Weight gain:

I was 119 pounds when I conceived, and am now 126, so that’s a total of

7 lbs


*saw baby & heard heartbeat via ultrasound at 8 weeks

*got blood test done to find out gender at 9 weeks, but we are waiting a few more weeks until our gender reveal to find out!

Products I’m Currently Loving:

*Pink Stork Magnesium Spray – I LOVE this brand!! When we were ttc, I would drink their Fertility Tea, and have drank their morning sickness tea as needed, both pregnant and not. Their teas are seriously delicious and all natural/healthy! I purchased this magnesium spray after learning that magnesium is very beneficial during pregnancy. It is also something that many women who are deficient in progesterone lack. This spray helps you sleep better, minimizes nausea/morning sickness, and also helps with stress & anxiety. It also doesn’t have any smell at all, so if you’re having aversions to scents, you’ll be totally fine with this.

*Ovia Pregnancy App – I used this app during my last pregnancy, and also used their fertility app as we were trying to conceive this time around. I’ve used the Bump, Pregnancy +, What To Expect, and Baby Center, and this app is by far my favorite. It is the most detailed in information you can enter, and also has very helpful info about prenatal health & baby. I found that the other apps would freak me out every time I’d open them, with scary worst case scenario type articles and “what ifs,” so I’m staying away from that this time around!


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