Fridge + Pantry Organization On a Budget

Hey friends! I wanted to share the end result of a project I had been working on with Top Shelf Organizers.

We began working together a couple of months ago to tackle our messy fridge & pantry areas. I always love seeing those insanely organized, Khloe Kardashian style, pantries & refridgerators on Pinterest (I know you all know exactly what I’m talking about 😂), but when I’d look into buying all of those cute air-tight containers and items I’d need to make our kitchen look that way, I knew there was no way we could spend hundreds of dollars on JUST containers! I’m sorry, but how are they so expensive?! 😫 I loved working with Agnes & Timber of Top Shelf Organizers, because they totally get that! Not many people can afford to spend loads of money on organizing their home, but we can still get results on a budget. One of their tips was to search stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Home Goods for those specific containers much cheaper, or to go on Amazon and order some alternative items. You can also find these alternative items at TJ’s, Ross & Home Goods, as well. I purchased mine on Amazon, to save myself time from having to go to the store (if you know me, you know I hate shopping!! Go figure haha.), but you can totally find them cheaper at other stores.

The organization process with Top Shelf Organizers was super seamless and easy. And it was all totally via phone & email, so they can help anyone anywhere! I sent them detailed measurements of the areas I wanted to organize, as well as photos of the areas in their current states, so they could get an idea of the items inside, in order to categorize & organize them properly. After receiving my measurements, they sent over detailed plans for each area, with a breakdown of the storage items they recommended I purchase. I am a visual learner, so these detailed plans made everything super easy. I cleared out all of my expired products, and items we no longer needed, and then organized everything according to the plans.

This was such an easy process, and I couldn’t have loved working with Agnes & Timber more. I highly recommend Top Shelf Organizers if you are looking for a budget friendly way to get any area (big or small) of your home organized! I’ve also included all of the storage items we used below, in case any of you are interested! xoxo

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