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Happy Friday, babes!!

Today’s post is totally random, but about something I love – ORGANIZING!

So with the new year, I always love to kind of purge all of our old junk and start fresh, with a clean & organized home. I did the steps below pretty much right after I packed up our Christmas decor, and it really felt SO good & refreshing! So I wanted to share with you guys! Keep reading below to see how I quickly cleaned out and organized our home for the new year, and some bonus info on how I plan for our family, my blog, and myself! xoxo

1. Throw away all expired beauty products & medicine

I actually decided to do this totally by accident. I went to take an Excedrin for a migraine the day I was cleaning, and noticed it was like a year past its expiration date ??‍♀️ So I went through the rest of our medicine cabinet, as well as my makeup drawers and cabinets of beauty products, and realized I had SO much old/expired items, or things that I just never used.

2. Clean out the fridge

Similar to the bathroom cabinets, I also went through the fridge and got rid of any foods we had in there that had passed their expiration dates. I also rearranged everything so it was more organized, and things were easier to find.

3. Go through kids/pet toys

Shiloh & Jak collectively have SOOO many toys its insane. And it’s totally my fault because I’m the one that buys 90% of them ? But we don’t have tons of space in our home, and honestly these toys can be such eye sores! Especially after Christmas, I literally could not wait to go through their stuff and get rid of old things they no longer use. I separated Shiloh’s toys into 3 sections – keep, give away, and storage. Some things she has outgrown, but we want to hang onto for our future babies, so we keep those in bins in the garage.

4. Clean out your clothing

This is kind of an obvious one, but also really helps! I cleared out old pieces of clothing I no longer wore, accessories I don’t use or wear, workout wear, pajamas, etc. I separate into things I want to donate, and things I want to sell. I’ve been listing on Poshmark, but it takes so much time, that I just ended up donating almost everything.

5. Meal Plan/Prep

I love to cook and make dinners for our family, but I tend to just kind of go on a whim and decide that morning what we’ll be having, then order the groceries needed for that meal. Recently I purchased the Clean Simple Eats Winter Meal plan and I seriously cannot say enough great things about it. It has saved me so much time & money because each week, she provides a shopping list, meal plan, and preparations list, so that you can prep as many steps as possible once a week, to save yourself some time when it comes to putting the meals together. And the meals are AMAZING. I’m obsessed.

6. Life Plan

This is my favorite part (as I’m sure you can tell by the photos) 🙂 I constantly have like 5 to do lists, notepads, planners, etc., going at once. I decided to condense that this year, and actually started Bullet Journaling! If you aren’t familiar with Bullet Journaling, it’s a concept created to customize your planning system. You can literally put anything! Schedules, to do lists, workout trackers, meal plans, etc. Here’s a little excerpt from the official bulletjournal.com, “The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.”

I use my Bullet Journal (top right) to plan out my month, week, days, grocery shopping lists, bdays, habit tracking, and ‘when did I last’s (clean the sheets, give Jak a bath, etc.). My Bullet Journal is basically a collective view of EVERYTHING. I find layouts on Pinterest (I have a whole board if you want to follow – click here) and modify them to meet my needs. Then, I use my Happy Planner (bottom planner w. my hand) to plan out my blog posts, Instagrams, and any blogging to-dos. My pink 2018 planner (top left) is our family planner. This houses all of Jak & Shiloh’s appointments, play dates, Christian’s work trips, basketball games, sporting event outings, my doctor’s appointments, etc. I also keep a daily to-do list handy. I add/cross off things as I go, so I like to keep just a single page with me. I either keep a note in my phone, or use this cute daily to-do list that my mom found in the dollar section at Target (forgot to get a pic)!

7. Make time for YOU!

This is hugely essential. I can’t stress enough how important it is to care for your mental & physical well-being. It’s not only important for you, but those around you also benefit from your well-being. I am a better wife/mom/friend/etc when I am caring for myself and keeping my health on track. One of my favorite things to do to relax is take a quiet epsom salt bath. I just buy a huge bag of epsom salt at the grocery store for a couple dollars, put 2 cups in the bath (let it dissolve), then soak your troubles away! I also love to read various blog posts on faith (I love Brighton Keller, Lauren Kay Sims, & Dani Austin), or scroll through Pinterest (follow me HERE!). And exercising (even if it’s just 10 minutes a day!) & eating healthy also make a world of difference.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!! I had a lot of fun putting it together. I’d love to know some of the ways you like to stay organized, or healthy! Please leave a comment and leave your Pinterest names as well! I want to follow all of you 🙂 xoxo





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  • Reply Morgan Baum January 18, 2018 at 7:07 am

    Great tips! I just cleaned out my clothes in my closet, and hoping to get it reorganized over the next few weeks! Working on my bullet journal this weekend!

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