Shiloh’s 1st Birthday!

Hey friends! Shiloh’s birthday party is this Saturday (I’ll have a post on that as well!), but today was her actual 1st birthday, so I thought I’d put up a little late night (ok it’s like 6:30, but my posts usually go up at 6:30am so pretty much late night..) post about our day.

Shiloh woke up this morning with a bad cold 🙁 This is the first time she’s ever been sick – I can’t believe she made it this long without getting sick, but what awful timing UGH! Since she wasn’t feeling well, we just spent the day at home. I got her a few small gifts from Christian & I, and one from Jakson of course 🙂 And since she can’t do gluten or eggs, I made her cake from the boxed gluten free funfetti mix + a can of pumpkin. It came out so good! She really enjoyed it, but wasn’t too keen on the icing (just like her mama 😉 ).

I’ll go ahead and link all the products I bought below! Everything was pretty inexpensive for the most part. xoxo

pink latex balloons | pink ‘1’ mylar balloon | ‘one’ mylar balloon banner | ‘happy birthday’ cake topper | Chanel books | Glamorous Rooms book | striped wrapping paper | gold coffee table | Shiloh’s sneakers | Shiloh’s top | Shiloh’s skirt | mini party hats | gluten free funfetti mix | puppy pajamas

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