Slouchy Floral Tunic + Mini Life Update

Hi friends! We’ve had the most crazy few weeks, so I apologize for the lack of blog posts. This is Christian’s last week at his current job (he’s taking next week off in between starting the new job & I’m SO excited!). We’re also selling one of the homes we own, and considering selling the one we’re living in as well, but we can’t decide!! I’d love to move before Shiloh’s 1st bday, so we have somewhere a little bigger to host her party, but that’s not good enough reason to rush it haha. Also, yes I’m crazy and started planning her bday party when she was like 6 months old. Just a little excited about this theme hehe! Both babies have checkups this week, and I do too. And my sweet Shiloh just learned how to crawl! We’re so proud of her. It’s so cute the boost of confidence this has given her ๐Ÿ™‚ I love watching her explore and learn each day.

And lastly, a very happy birthday to my little brother who turns 22 today! If you’re interested in entrepreneurial stuff or fitness, you should totally give him a follow! He has a few online courses, as well as a YouTube channel dedicated to his money making hacks. Click to follow him on Insta. Click for YouTube.

Outfit & similar pieces are linked below. I’m wearing & XS in this top – it has an oversized fit as is, so I’d say buy your usual size. Shorts are size 25.


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