Backwards Bodysuit

Hey friends! Hope your Monday is going well. Christian started his new job today. It’s a total dream job & I’m so proud of him! I’m just a little exhausted after my busy weekend, and I think the people at Starbucks knew because they were “out” of Venti cups, and have to give me a Trenta iced coffee ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s the little things.

How cute is this onepiece here (c/o)?! I think it’s technically a bodysuit, but I wore it swimming & it totally worked as swimwear! I’m also wearing it backwards haha. The tassels are supposed to be in the front, but it was a little too low-cut for me that way, so I flipped it around. I actually really like it though!

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! xoxo




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