Pinstripe Wrap Skirt + Health Update

*Wearing size small in the skirt!*

Good morning friends! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and are fully stocked up on coffee for the week ahead! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I mentioned last week that I have been having some stomach issues, and you guys seriously blew me away with your tips & similar experiences. It really helped me so much to hear what’s helped you, and made me want to share my experience as well! Long story short, I had seen about 5 doctors over the past few months, all of which said there was nothing wrong with me and everything was fine. One kept insisting it was lactose intolerance, even after I said about 40 times that I don’t eat dairy and am meticulous about checking my ingredients. Big help…*eye roll*. I was so fed up and literally felt like giving up because no one has been able to help me. All I could do was pray and give it to God – which isn’t always easy for me when I’m worried and my mind naturally goes to the worst possible outcome.

I received a text from a friend with the number for a naturopathic doctor and thought what the heck, I’ve tried everything else so may as well give a shot to this different approach. I called and scheduled an appointment and they were able to see me that same afternoon! I spent an hour with the doctor and learned that I do in fact have a hernia (I’ve been seen 3 times by an MD because I KNEW I had one, but each time they told me I didn’t), as well as ย  a parasite and bad anxiety (duh). By the time the appointment was through, I got in my car and started crying. These were answers that I had been praying about for months! I was so full of hope & just really relieved I had found someone to help me get my health back on track.

I know people can be skeptic about these sort of practices. I’ll admit that I had been too. I wasn’t even sure I would share about this experience, but seeing how much better I feel after seeing him, and knowing exactly what is going on with my body, I’m a full believer. My hope is that if any of you are going through health issues, or chronic illnesses and not getting any better, know you have other options. Though not completely conventional, in my opinion this was definitely something worth exploring, and I am so glad that I did. If you’re in the Orange County area, I’d be happy to share the information with you! And if you have any questions about the process or my experience, I’d be more than happy to chat!

This is definitely a newer journey, and this is just the beginning, but I am filled with so much hope and am already feeling a million times better than I have in months. I was barely able to get out of bed, or even sit up the week leading up to this appointment. I thank God so much for answering these prayers, and working through my friend (thanks Britt! xo) to send me down this new path. I had so much fear about the unknown and what “could be” wrong (all worst case scenario type thoughts – NOT good). I spent 3 hours last night praying and reflecting on this whole situation, and came across a video that really changed my perspective. I’ll attach it below (all of her videos are amazing!). I also listened to a few of Joyce Meyer’s podcasts – INCREDIBLE!

If you are looking for hope or answers, I encourage you to turn to the word of God. Sometimes I struggle to fully understand certain scripture, but listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, or even talking with a friend/spouse/family member etc., helps me so much to understand context. As always, PLEASE reach out if there is anything that I can be praying for you for, or if you just wanna chat about a piece of clothing you saw on my page & wanna know how it fits! I love getting to know all of you, and I am so grateful that you took the time out of your day to read what I have to say. ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo



  • Reply Ansley Watson June 12, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    I love this!!! I’ve started seeing a chiropractor recently and am getting more and more interested in natural health and medicine- cant wait to chat with you more about it!!

    • Reply leblondechateau June 16, 2017 at 10:12 am

      oh my gosh YAY! I am too, I’m so intrigued by all of it!! Definitely can’t wait to chat with you too, so exciting to find someone else who’s interested! xoxox

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