5 Easy Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Hi friends! I’m so excited you stopped by to read today’s post. If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit, you know I’m all about efficiency/time-saving. We recently received the Babycook from Béaba and it’s not even funny how much time/work this product has saved me! (Disclaimer – I owned/used this long before a collaboration was ever in the works. We truly love this product!) Today I’m sharing 5 of my (and Shiloh’s!) favorite healthy recipes that we make in our Babycook. And as many of you know, Shiloh has a gluten & dairy sensitivity, so all of these recipes are gluten & dairy free! Keep reading to see how to make all of these recipes in just 3 easy steps!

I like to give everything a really good wash before I begin. Once everything is clean, I peel & dice all of my foods. It will all be pureed, so don’t worry too much about the chopping. Small cubes are perfect size for cooking & pureeing! There are certain items that I buy precut, such as the butternut squash, because it honestly takes me forever to do myself haha. Just make sure everything is certified organic!

When you have everything prepped, you can begin the cooking process. I store everything in the fridge until I am ready for it, to keep it all fresh. There are 3 water levels that will determine your cooking time. I have included those on each recipe below, for easy reference. The water level measurements are located on the side of your Babycook bowl. Just fill accordingly, then pour into the water reservoir on the side of the machine.

Once your water reservoir is filled to the appropriate level, latch your bowl into the machine, and place the steamer basket inside the bowl. You can then place your chopped food into the steamer basket & close the lid. Give that little round button a push, and let the steaming begin!

When the steaming is complete, the machine will let out a soft beep. At this time, carefully remove your steamer basket (use the included spatula to do this, as the basket & bowl will be hot!). Dump your food from your steamer basket, into your bowl, add any additional items, and latch the bowl back onto the machine. Close the lid, then just twist that round button to the right to pulse & puree to your desired consistency. I like to make our food in bulk, so I don’t have to cook as frequently. I store whatever we aren’t using right away in the freezer. We have a bunch of these multiportions that keep everything very organized for easy reheating.

When you’re ready to use your stored food from the freezer, just pop out one serving from the multiportion, and place your frozen portion into a heat resistant container (no lid necessary). Pour a water level 2 into the water reservoir. Latch on your Babycook bowl, place the steamer basket in the bowl, and place your heat resistant container (with frozen portion) into the steamer basket. Hit the round button and voila! Remove with caution (bowls will be hot) & stir food to cool down to desired temperature.

Sweater: Nordstrom (limited sizing – more similar options at the bottom of post) // Jeans: Nordstrom (sold out – similar here & here) // BabycookMultiportion Silicone Spoons – all c/o Béaba // Highchair: Buy Buy Baby // Wooden Cutting Board: Target

Thank you so much for reading! You can find recipe cards for each recipe below. I hope this post was helpful to you, and helps to simplify your busy life just a little bit! 🙂 Let me know if you/your littles enjoy any of these recipes! As always, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about anything in this post! Just shoot me an email or an Instagram message, or comment anytime. What are some of your favorite baby food recipes to make for your babes?! xoxox

*Photo editing by Gabi Wells

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