Life Lately..10 Randoms

My Tee // Shiloh’s Tee // Headboard // Couch // Fluffy Pillow

  1. Shiloh Eloise is 16 lbs (probably + a few ozs too!) and 27″ long. Doctor says she’s long & lean like her Daddy, but has mom’s thunder thighs (ok doctor didn’t say that 2nd part, but I did) haha
  2. I’ve retired my extenisons since I started taking prenatals. My hair has grown sooo much, I’ve never been able to grow my hair very long until now, so I’m never going to stop taking these vitamins! But as of a few months ago it’s started falling out quite a bit 🙁 I guess that’s normal postpartum, but I was so excited about how thick it had gotten! Also, as you can probably tell by the intense root action in these pics, I’ve been letting my hair grow out. I’m bored with the color, but I can’t decide what I want to do to it next, so ombre it is until then!
  3. Since Shiloh started sleeping through the night, I’ve had almost no breastmilk to feed her. She’s so disinterested in nursing, and only wants bottles, so I’ve been pumping what little milk I can get, and supplementing with formula or solid foods otherwise.
  4. I want to move out of state so badly! I think it would be so fun to experience different places, especially since Christian & I both work from home and it would be so easy to just pick up & move somewhere. I spend so much time looking at, but my husband is very firm on staying right here in OC forever. I’m not giving up that easy though 😉
  5. Shiloh’s gluten intollerance has gotten so much worse. She used to just get a belly ache and bad poos (sorry TMI!), but now she breaks out in a head to toe rash, gets eczema, and screams in pain. It’s sooo sad! We also recently found out she has a problem with dairy as well. Her doctor says he believes she will out grow these intollerances by 2 years old and I pray that she does ASAP!! I want her to be able to go to a friends birthday party & have a piece of cake, or go out for ice cream – to be able to enjoy food without worrying!
  6. I almost never have my nails painted. I hateee sitting still to have them done, or even if I do them myself I’m too impatient to wait for them to dry, so I just leave them naked!
  7. I haven’t worked out since January 2016 and have been itching to get back into a good routine! The sole reason that I haven’t started is because I’m afraid I’ll be too sore to lift/hold Shiloh for the 1st few weeks hahah
  8. We call Shiloh “Louise” more than her actual name! When she was born I started it, not because of her middle name (Eloise), but from the end of her first name (LOH-ise). Makes no sense but it caught on and she now answers to it!
  9. Jakson turned 4 this past week. It’s crazy that I got him when he was just a few months old. He’s experienced the best moments with me. When I started dating Christian, to getting engaged, married, moving in together, pregnancy, buying & renovating a new home, and bringing home baby Shiloh. I love how much Shiloh loves him, and how much he loves her. Doggies are just the best ever <3
  10. I’ve already started planning Shiloh’s 1st birthday party. It’s way too early but I’m so excited and I have the BEST idea! I don’t want to give it away just yet though because I’m known to change my mind a lot haha 😉

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