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I’ll admit it – I’m a Netflix junkie. I’ve watched just about every sitcom offered, and then some. I’m a total sucker for a light-hearted comedy, so I thought I’d round up some of my faves for you (in no particular order). There are a few ‘dramas’ on the list as well. What are some of your favorite shows/movies on Netflix? Anything I should watch next?! Leave me a comment! xoxo

1. Friends

Duh. A classic. I think I’ve literally been watching this show since it first aired when I was 2. Nerd alert – I can recite every line to almost every episode. Except for season 10. I don’t let myself watch the last episodes because I get sad that it ends, HA!

2. Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

A total chick show. Lots of romance, girl talk, and city life. Kind of like a fictional Real Housewives, but better. I only wish there were more seasons!

3. Mysteries of Laura

I’m obsessed with this show. I first watched it accidentally on the plane home from our honeymoon in Europe. After that, I binge watched the whole first season and was totally hooked! It’s the perfect combination of comedy, romance, and mystery. And the mysteries are always SO good!

4. Last Man Standing

This is the series I’m currently watching. I’m a huge Tim Allen fan, so naturally, I thought I’d love this show. And I do. It’s hilarious! They made some changes after the first season of this show that I really didn’t like, but I decided to keep watching anyway. I’m on season 3 now and it keeps getting funnier!

5. Gilmore Girls + A Year in the Life

Oh. My. Gosh. This show is life. It was on when I was a teenager, but for some reason I didn’t start watching it until last year. It’s perfection. I just love the mother daughter bond between the 2 main characters, and their love for coffee reminds me that of my own. I was so excited to watch A Year In the Life when it came out last fall, but really didn’t enjoy it much at all. Anyone else?! I think I’ll just stick to rewatching the original episodes.

6. Once Upon a Time

Disney fans, this is for you! It’s so cool to be able to see favorite Disney/fairytale characters brought to life. And the magic of this show is just beyond. They do an incredible job of making each story interesting, and tied together with the rest of the show.

7. How I Met Your Mother

I love the style of this show. It became a total favorite until I watched the final episode. I will forever be mad at them about the ending haha. But I still love the series and think it’s hilarious/genius.

8. Everybody Loves Raymond

Another classic. This show is so sarcastic and hilarious. Dorris Roberts just kills me.

9. New Girl

One of the funniest shows EVER. Each character has their own unique style of comedy, and is equally hilarious. It’s very modern and in line with current events, as well.

10. Gossip Girl

 This is next on my list to rewatch. I watched almost the entire series when it was still on tv, but definitely am itching to give it another go. I love seeing their NYC lifestyle, and of course, the fashion. This is one of the few “drama” style shows that I actually love.

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