My Brow Routine

Ever since becoming a mom, I’m all about fast! Things I can get done efficiently, but quickly, because let’s face it, I’m on the clock here!

I’ve given up on wearing makeup daily, since I’m usually in sweats at home most days (#momlife), but still love to get dolled up for shoots, and fun weekend outings! (Side note, how cute is this top from Tobi?! I’m obsessed. It’s linked below for those interested.) I’ve always had my makeup routine pretty much down, but have actually never learned the proper way to fill in or shape my brows for my face shape. I honestly can’t even remember the last time I had them waxed or anything. Poor neglected little brows 🙁

I visited my friends over at Billion Dollar Brows to get some tips on how to quickly shape and fill in my brows, and thought I’d share what I learned with all of you!

The 5 C’s

Step 1 – Create: This is my favorite part hehe 😉 I use this AMAZING Brow Buddy & white pencil that’s included to map out my brows. This is seriously the coolest tool, and helped me learn how to shape my brows so easily. It essentially allows you to customize your brow start, arch & end based on your face shape. So cool!

Step 2 – Condition: This primer/conditioner combo is incredible. I have a few spots where my brows are sparce, so this has really been helping to strengthen those areas! It also acts as a primer for the product you apply next.

Step 3 – Color: You can use powder or pencil, totally your preference. I’m more comfortable with a pencil, so I’ve been loving this one. It’s soooo creamy & not drying at all. For days where I’m trying a little harder, I’ll go with this powder, which is also amazing.

Step 4 – Control: This brow gel really holds everything in place to make your brows stay fabulous all day. It’s a super quick step, and means you won’t be redoing runny brows a few hours later. Win-win!

Step 5 – Contour [optional]: This is another step I save for days that are just a bit fancier – i.e. photoshoot, fancy dinner, etc. But really makes a huge difference in completing the shape of your brows! BDB developed another amazing 2-in-1 (my fave) to simplify this step just a little bit more. Meet, the Brow Duo Pencil. Use the concealer on the top of the brow, for a more defined shape, and the highlighter on the brow bone for a pop!

Brow Products: Billion Dollar Brows c/o // Choker: Shein // Top: Tobi // Shorts: One Teaspoon


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