How I Wash My Makeup Brushes + Favorite Brushes

I’m always looking for easier/more efficient ways to get things done. I used to spend forever cleaning my makeup brushes, and using expensive cleaners & shampoos. I finally decided to look up some alternatives to effectively cleaning/preserving my makeup brushes, and thought I’d share my method with you all!

All you need are 2 simple ingredients that you most likely already have in your kitchen:

Dish soap + Olive Oil [sub coconut oil, or any oil you have on hand]

How simple is that?! I just pour equal parts dish soap & olive oil into a small bowl, wet my brushes with warm water, then clean!

I recently purchased this Sigma brush mat, and OH. MY. GOSH. Life changer. You need this. [Not sponsored, just obsessed] It suctions to your sink so you can just plop it in there and rub the brushes around without having to hold it. The mat also has different textures, for cleaning various types of brushes. I use it for my Beauty Blender, too. It also comes in a glove form if you prefer to clean that way!

Right now, I just lay my brushes to dry on a small towel, but am planning on purchasing a special drying rack like this one, so my brushes don’t lose their shape.

A couple of you guys had also asked me about which brushes I like to use. To be honest, I haven’t ever really “invested” in super nice brushes. I tend to stick with the basics like Mac, Sigma, It Cosmetics, etc. But these all work really well for me, so I don’t see a need to spend loads of money on different brushes! (I’d rather buy clothes/shoes hehe). Here’s what I use for each step of my daily makeup routine:

Blending (under eye concealer, etc.) – Liquid Foundation (I also sometimes use this instead, just depends what I feel like using that day) – PowderContourBronzer/BlushHighlightEye Shadow (base color & under brows) – Eye Shadow (crease)

I hope this was helpful to you guys!! Leave me a comment with some of your favorite brushes!


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