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Good morning, sweet mamas! This post is just for you 🙂

Since Shiloh was born, we’ve been going through products like crazy, trying to find what works best for our little girl. And I mean, we’ve bought/tried it ALL! It’s always a bummer when you invest money into these expensive and unique baby items, and then find that they don’t work for your child. That’s why I wanted to share some of the things that worked great for us. Though every baby & family is different, hopefully you can find this post helpful in some way, shape, or form! As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email, or comment! xo

Before I get into the specifics, I want to give a huge thank you to Baby Cubby for sending us some fun products for this post! The thing I love about this company is that they go above & beyond to interact with their customers, in order to act not just as a store, but as a resource for us mamas in our parenting journeys. Their team is made up of parents just like us, so they are very passionate about encouraging fellow parents, and making us feel like we are not alone! To me, this is what stands out most about the Baby Cubby team.

In addition to being a ‘friend’ to us parents, Baby Cubby will price match larger retailers such as Amazon & Nordstrom, and offers free shipping on orders over $49. Go ahead and stop by their site, you won’t be disappointed!

Bath Time:

First off, we have our tub. We love that the thermometer is right on the tub itself – one less extra gadget to have to worry about! It tells you when your water is at the optimal temperature for baby, so they’re not too cold, or getting burned! The only thing I don’t love about this tub so far, is that where baby’s head rests is very hard and uncomfortable. I’m thinking as she grows, though, that this won’t always be an issue. But, for that reason, I bought this super inexpensive sponge insert. This keeps baby from slipping, and also provides a comfy place for them to lay during bath time.

With the exception of her very first bath [fail], Shiloh has always loved bath time. The part she has never liked is getting out! We’ve had a lot of success with soft hooded towels (like the ones below), because you can swaddle baby right up, and all parts of their body are covered and kept warm. I actually started throwing her towel in the dryer before bath time, so that by the time we’re done, her towel is extra warm & snuggly! (spoiled much?!)

Bed Time:

It took us awhile to get to this point, but Shiloh now loves bed time just as much as we do! She takes all naps in her crib now, and we’re slowly working on getting her in there during the night. We love her baby monitor, so we can keep an eye on her while she’s sleeping. It doesn’t get the best reviews, but has worked perfectly for us since we’ve had it! I keep her door shut, and am still able to get a full signal all the way downstairs. It even lets me talk to her through it, and let her know I’m on my way up when she starts fussing.

In addition to keeping her door shut, we use this noise machine to drown out any other outside noise. I’m able to run the washing machine (which shares a wall with her room), vacuum other rooms, and Christian does conference calls in his office, which shares the other wall with her room. She doesn’t hear any of it!

My favorite jammies to put her in for bed are any lightweight footies. In fact, she pretty much lives in these sort of one-pieces all day, unless we’re out to church! They’re so easy and cover her feet so she’s not freezing, but are also light enough so she doesn’t get too hot. We love the Nordstrom Baby brand, and Carters.

Our last bedtime essential is the Wubbanub. Shiloh LOVES these! They are weighted, so they don’t fall out as easily as a regular pacifier. She also loves to snuggle with the little stuffed animals that are attached. They have become a bed time staple in our house, and work so well for soothing our princess!

Play Time:

Our typical daily routine is pretty simple, and outside of naps & feeding, we do a lot of playing & reading. Shiloh will look at books forever and gets so excited looking at all the colorful images! She also just started to be able to grab & hold onto toys all on her own! She does really well with the ones linked below, since she is able to grip onto them with her teeny little hands.


Diapers are always a personal preference, but we’ve had the best luck with the Pampers Swaddlers. Shiloh is very long waisted, but thin, so her sizing in clothes & diapers has always been a little tricky. We started out in Honest diapers, but she ended up blowing out in them every single time! That’s when I noticed the Honest brand is about an inch shorter in the back than the Pampers. I also love that the Swaddlers have a little line that changes colors if baby pees, so you don’t have to open the diaper to check.

Shiloh also used to scream through her diaper changes, she hated it! This wipe warmer has been a total game changer for us ever since we started using it. Now she giggles and gets so excited every time she’s on her changing table!

Other Gear:

The swing has been a must since day 1. She of course loves the rocking motion, but as she’s gotten older, she loves to stare at the light fixture changing colors. She can sit in her swing for so long, which allows me to get some chores done around the house (as long as she can still see me!). We also love our carseat cover. I originally just bought this because I thought it was cute, but it has seriously been a life saver! I have yet to find a shade that actually works for the car windows, so this carseat cover acts as our shade when the sun is beaming in.

Thank you to Baby Cubby for sponsoring this post!

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