My Pregnancy Must Haves

Pregnancy Essentials

Since I’m pretty much done here with the whole pregnancy game, I thought I’d share some of the things that really made a difference in my journey! Though I am certainly no expert, and everyone’s needs are different, I hope that some of these suggestions can be of help to some of you!

1. A good prenatal vitamin In the very beginning of my pregnancy, my OB recommended a specialty prenatal vitamin. Of course, I went online right away and bought it. $70 for a month’s supply. Like really…?! It came with packets for each day’s dose, and each packet consisted of about 10 pills. With my morning sickness, I could barely choke down 1, let alone 10! I ended up quickly switching over to the Nature Made Prenatal + DHA. So much easier! My levels have been excellent throughout my whole pregnancy, and so have baby’s. I’m so happy I made the switch!

2. Coffee Substitutions By far the hardest thing I’ve had to give up during pregnancy has been coffee! I was used to drinking 1-3 cups a day, and it wasn’t for the caffeine, I just love the taste! I had been doing ok with 1 cup of decaf a day, but once I was put on bedrest, my doctor told me I couldn’t even do that! She said decaf is basically ‘low fat,’ so there’s still a small hint of caffeine in decaffeinated beverages. Ugh! Starbucks hot chocolate is now my go-to drink of the day. I’m addicted! And since buying Starbucks every day can get expensive, I came up with my own recipe (not nearly as good, but still delish enough). I combine 3/4 cup original non sweetened almond milk + 3/4 cup vanilla almond milk in a glass measuring cup and heat in the microwave for 2 minutes. Then I whisk in 2 packets of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate, pour into a mug, and voila! Good to go.

3. A BIG Water Bottle Probably the most important thing on this list. It seems like (almost) every issue I’ve encountered this pregnancy has been due to lack of water. And for me, that’s shocking! I’m someone who is obsessed with drinking water. I don’t like soda or milk, so I drink a ton of water all day long. I honestly love it. It’s so weird though how much more hydration your body needs during pregnancy. The whole time I’ve drank well over the recommended 80 oz., but whenever I would need blood drawn, or go to the hospital, they’d tell me I was dehydrated. What the heck!? I decided to double that 80 oz. and sure enough, it worked. Carrying around a big water bottle everywhere I go has been key in making sure I get all that water in me by the end of the day. I love this Swell bottle specifically, because it won’t sweat in your purse, and it keeps your drink cold as long as it’s in there!

4. EOS Shave Cream During my first trimester, I noticed that every time I shaved, my legs would burn SO bad for like an hour after. Then, I would get tons of bad razor burn. It was horrible!! I tested out so many different shaving creams and oils, and this EOS Shave Cream was literally the only thing that worked. And the difference it made was amazing! I haven’t had razor burn since using it. Definitely recommend!

5. Comfy Bras I’m all about being as comfortable as possible this pregnancy (which is not an easy thing). I quickly out grew my regular bras & sports bras, so I decided to invest in a nursing bra, since I’d eventually need one anyway. First, I thought I could go the cheap route and bought a few different styles from Target. They were all so itchy and uncomfortable! I had seen this Cake bra recommended dozens of times, so even though it was a little pricier, I figured I’d give it a shot. I LOVE these bras! They’re supportive, yet still incredibly comfortable, and not constricting. They are completely worth the investment!

6. Pregnancy Apps Every week, I love to look at my pregnancy apps to see what sort of symptoms I can expect to come up, how my baby is growing, and any other tips. My 2 favorites are Ovia Pregnancy & The Bump. I’ve also loved watching weekly pregnancy updates on YouTube. Some faves are Aaryn Williams, Rachel Weiland, Makeup by Tiffany D, and Myka Stauffer.

7. Comfy Loose Dresses This is pretty much all I’ve worn in my last trimester! Loose, soft, swing dresses. All of the ones I wear are non maternity, but since they’re so spacious, they fit great! Not having to wear pants when you have a big old belly is literally the best thing ever.

8. Lanolin Though I haven’t used this for its main purpose just yet, it is a true game changer when it comes to healing chapped lips! I saw this great tip on Rachel Parcell‘s SnapChat, and had to give it a try for myself.

9. Body Pillow If I could tell you to only get one thing during pregnancy, it’d be a body pillow. I like the Snoogle, but there are so many options out there! I used my body pillow pretty much my whole pregnancy, and I noticed such a huge difference in how I slept, and how my body felt the next day. Definite must have!


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    It’s loose fitting enough that I’ll be able to wear it for most of my pregnancy, and though it feels like I’m wearing PJ’s, I look semi-put together and stylish!

  • Reply jsclegaleducation November 11, 2017 at 2:37 am

    Sometimes I just get crazy hungry out of no where and it s nice to have a granola bar or something in my purse for those times ?

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