24 Week Pregnancy Update


It’s been a long time since I’ve done a pregnancy update, so since the end of my 2nd trimester is nearing, I figured now would be a great time!
I typically like to keep personal things very private, so the reason I havent shared much about my pregnancy, or have even been posting much at all, is because this has been a rough journey! Praise to Jesus that Shiloh is progressing amazingly and has continued to be completely healthy through all of my struggles. That is all that really matters anyway. Me on the other hand…I never could have imagined pregnancy being this difficult ๐Ÿ™ I’ll try to keep this short so it’s not totally boring..
Our last specialist appointment confirmed that I have a low lying placenta. We’ve been praying that it moves up to where it’s supposed to be, so that I can avoid complete placenta previa. A few days before our appointment (last week of April), I was at the mall by myself and ended up fainting. The paramedics came and took me to the ER. 6 long hours later, we found out that it was nothing to be worried about, but at the mid stage of pregnancy, your body is producing significantly less blood than in the beginning, making it harder to get oxygen to your brain. I’ve struggled with feeling faint every day since that happened, making it hard to go out or get anything done! I’ve also been dealing with some pretty painful contractions, and barely avoided being taken to Labor & Delivery yesterday. I’m not sure what my body’s deal is, but it is really struggling to the concept of being pregnant! All in all, the struggles are and will continue to be completely worth it. We pray for continued health & good reports for both Shiloh and myself, and are SO completely grateful that even though I am not feeling 100%, she continues to thrive and grow just as she should ๐Ÿ™‚
On a more positive note, I am feeling her move like crazy now!! It’s the coolest thing in the world. It makes me feel like were totally hanging out and interacting, haha!


Due Date:ย October 6, 2016
How far along:ย 24 weeks

Size of baby:ย cantaloupe

Symptoms:ย no energy, faintness, braxton hicks contractions, back & knee pain
Weight:ย 136. finally put some pounds on!
Cravings:ย chocolate chip mini muffins, iced lattes, fresh juices
Aversions:ย chicken chicken chicken
Sleep:ย I’m having a pretty hard time sleeping. I get such bad stomach pain when I lay on either of my sides, it’s so weird!

Missing:ย having energy and keeping up with my blog/friendsLast Appointment:ย just a check in with our OB. we heard the baby’s heartbeat & measured my bump ๐Ÿ™‚ everything checked out great!

Name:ย Shiloh

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    Have a beautiful baby.. Take care of you, you have another life in you now.

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