I’m sure you can imagine how long we have been waiting to share this news with you all!! It’s been SO hard not to spill! We are absolutely over the moon excited about this perfect & precious gift from God. Not a day goes by that we don’t thank God for this miracle, and incredible responsibility He has entrusted us with.


I found out I was pregnant on the morning of January 29, 2016. Christian was on a business trip & I was bored, not even thinking in the slightest that I could be pregnant, but was weirded out that I hadn’t gotten my period that month. I happened to have a preg test on hand for when this day came, so I figured I’d take one just for the heck of it. And sure enough, it turned within seconds! I was shocked! I actually went out and bought 3 more tests and took all of those just to be 1000% sure haha! Christian didn’t get home from his trip until around 11 that night, so all day long I was sooo anxious waiting to tell him. When he got home, I blindfolded him (with my Breakfast at Tiffany’s sleeping mask..) and told him I had a surprise waiting. I handed him Jakson (our dog) in a t-shirt that read “Only Child,” but I had crossed out the word ‘Only.’ I also had tied my positive (and washed off!) preg test around his neck. When he took the blindfold off he was super confused, then once he caught on, he too was shocked and so excited!
The first trimester has not been easy by any means! I’ve had the worst morning/all day sickness since around 5 weeks. I was hardly getting out of bed until about week 9, and since then I have been gradually improving each day. It’s been so frustrating not being able to get much done around the house, workout, shoot for my blog, or go out with friends 🙁 I decided a few weeks in to the sickness that no matter how I felt, I would get at least one task done each day, whether it be a load of laundry, grocery shopping, meeting up with a friend, etc. This change in attitude helped me immensely, and I noticed that pushing through the sickness and getting fresh air helped me to feel so much happier & take my mind off of feeling so horrible. I also noticed that my “stronger” days are the days that before I get out of bed or do anything else, I really draw near to God and spend time in His presence. I have been working to make this a daily habit, and I can’t put into words the peace it has brought to my daily life.
Due Date: October 6, 2016
How far along: 12 weeks

Size of baby: large plum

Symptoms: Nausea, but subsiding with each new day! Way lower energy than normal. Headaches. Very little appetite.
Weight Gain: I’m still weighing in at my pre-pregnancy weight. I think all the morning/all day sickness balanced me out, but now that it’s starting to go away, I’m expecting to start seeing my weight increase little by little!
Cravings: FRUIT!! Cold, juicy fruits are pretty much the only thing I ever want. I’ve been going through a carton of strawberries a day, and loving watermelon & apples just as much! I also have been wanting cold veggies such as carrots & cucumbers, with hummus.
Aversions: Chicken and pretty much all meats
Sleep: I have trouble falling asleep at night, but once I’m asleep I don’t have any trouble! I’m very thankful for that. I wake up 1-3 times during the night to go to the bathroom, but usually have no trouble falling asleep right after.
Missing: Cycle class, spray tans, turkey sandwiches, and COFFEE!
Gender:  Still too early to tell!
Names: We have a long list that we are currently trying to narrow down! I will say though, we’ve had a much harder time coming up with boy names for some reason!
(here’s an updated US pic from our 12 week screen!)
I love reading & watching about other mama’s pregnancy journeys, and even though ALL pregnancies are different, I find some comfort in hearing that I am not alone in some of what I am experiencing. I hope that through my stories, you too can take comfort and find a companion. Let’s do this together! If you are pregnant or have children, please comment below with your Instagram or blog url so I can follow along on all of your beautiful journeys as well! xox

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    I loved reading that. So informative and inspiring. I'm so so excited for you both!!!!

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