I Just Want To Hang With My Dog





HOW PERFECT IS THIS SHIRT?!!? I literally saw a picture of it on Instagram as we were boarding our flight home from London and did the quickest online purchase I’ve ever done in my life. I obviously had to have it just from seeing it, but when I found out that Taylor, the soul behind the brand, donates a percentage of each purchase to animal shelters, I wanted to buy like 9 billion. She’s already up to over $2,500 in donations and probably helped to save so many animals’ lives. She also has even more cute tees for sale with sayings like “Brunch is my middle name” and “Talk Herbie to me.”

If you are also obsessed with this tee and want to help Tay & many others like myself to save shelter babies, check out her blog www.thedailytay.com & her Etsy.

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