Wedding Updates – Marriage License & Final Details

It’s hard to believe we went from 299 days, and now we are just shy of 2 weeks from our big day!!! Craziness. Every time I realize how close it is I want to throw up. In a good way 😉 last weekend we went to the courthouse to get legal permission to be married. Scary I know. We raised our right hand on some lady’s little wooden desk, next to this terrible Vegas wedding chapel arch thing. What we ‘oathed’ I’m not exactly sure because the whole experience was very strange. And we were in Santa Ana. Hopefully Christian was at least paying attention! This week we have our final 2 meetings (HALLELUJAH – this whole wedding planning thing is so not my thing!), one with our wedding planner and one with our photographer. Who are both insanely talented might I add!!! As stressful as wedding planning has been at times, in all seriousness, I am so so anxious to see how beautiful this day turns out! I have full confidence that it is going to be the best day of our here are some pictures from the courthouse, and planning!

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