Reminiscing…LA Days

Going through some old photos today got me thinking back to my time at FIDM, living in Downtown LA. It was a fun year with some of my best friends, exploring a (somewhat) new city, and making both good & questionable life choices. I graduated over 3 years ago now, but I still get asked all the time if I would live in LA again, or recommend FIDM to other perspective students. I learned many things from my experiences, so I figured why not share them!

The main point for me was coming to terms with the fact that I am not, in any way shape or form, the “city girl” I always thought I was! I enjoyed my freedom, and being walking distance from some great places, but I did not feel safe enough the majority of the time to walk to those places. And forget about driving, you cant drive anywhere in LA in less than 30 minutes!

I LOVED my school! I attended both the Orange County, and Los Angeles campuses during my 2 years at FIDM. School was always interesting, and though there were manyyyy allnighters, I would not have traded my experience for anything else.

With all of that being said, I’ve put together a simplified Pros & Cons list about the experience as a whole. Now, this is all just my opinion, I know many people who had all sorts of experiences different from mine, while taking the exact same path. Comment below with your experiences on new cities, new schools, and life adventures!


  • Wherever you live in LA, you are guaranteed to be walking distance from some sort of establishment, be it coffee shops, little cafes, tattoo parlors, eye brow bars, the list goes on and on
  • You do not have to leave your apartment for most things; you can find just about any type of food imaginable for delivery (most at into the wee hours of the evening as well), dry cleaning, groceries, pet supplies, and I am probably missing many things, but I have been out of touch with city life for over 3 years, so my memory has faded quite a bit!
  • There is always something fun to do. And I mean ALWAYS. If you ever find yourself bored, you can walk to a bar with funky music, or do what I did and walk across the street to various celebrity birthday parties, clothing launch parties, free concerts at LA Live, you name it. Keep it interesting people!


  • DRIVING. Like I said above, don’t even think about it. You will spend forever and a day trying to get anywhere and once you do, you will spend nearly the same amount of time looking for parking that will never be found.
  • Safety. This is obvious. When living/roaming in just about any city, you of course have your share of kookoos. And being a female made me feel justtt a bit less at ease. 
  • Noise. This was probably the biggest proponent of in my realization that I am not a city person. I slept with ear plugs every night because cities never sleep! There are always people walking the streets, partying and shouting, and sirens screaming down the road. I am self-proclaimed the world’s lightest sleeper, so this was a huge test of my patience!  

Thank you for reading this vast amount of text. Now hear are some photos of my city gallivanting for your viewing enjoyment. 


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