Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Girlfriends!

‘Fa La La Latte‘ sweatshirt | Snowman beanie | Tree & tree decor are all from Hobby Lobby Happy Friday babes! I’m kicking off this year’s #LBCGiftGuides with my favorite category – gifts for your gfs! These are some of the items... read more

Shiloh’s NYC 1st Birthday Party

“yaaayyyy!” Just being her usual silly self! The confetti was the hit of the party! Shiloh & the other kids couldn’t get enough! She was stil a little bit sick from the cold she got on her birthday, so the confetti kept getting stuck in her... read more

Makeup // Jewelry Organization + Latest Beauty Buys

4 Stack Organizer c/o | Brush Organizer c/o | Lipstick/Everything Organizer c/o | Jewelry Organizer c/o Happy Friday babes!! I’m so excited to introduce you to Boxy Girl today. They recently reached out to me and asked if I’d like to test out some of their... read more

Shiloh’s 1st Birthday!

Hey friends! Shiloh’s birthday party is this Saturday (I’ll have a post on that as well!), but today was her actual 1st birthday, so I thought I’d put up a little late night (ok it’s like 6:30, but my posts usually go up at 6:30am so pretty... read more

5 Ways to Invest in Your Marriage After Baby

Turn on your JavaScript to view content Christian & I are coming up on just 2 years of marriage this September. Though, like any relationship, ours is far from perfect, and there are still seasons that are tougher to navigate than others, we are very happy with... read more

Happy Father’s Day ♡

  I couldn’t think of a better day to do a post honoring my husband, than on his very first Father’s Day. (He’s experienced paw-thers day, but this is more the real deal 😉 ) One of the first things I noticed right after Shiloh was born was not... read more

5 Easy Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Hi friends! I’m so excited you stopped by to read today’s post. If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit, you know I’m all about efficiency/time-saving. We recently received the Babycook from Béaba and it’s not even funny how much... read more

Life Lately..10 Randoms

My Tee // Shiloh’s Tee // Headboard // Couch // Fluffy Pillow Shiloh Eloise is 16 lbs (probably + a few ozs too!) and 27″ long. Doctor says she’s long & lean like her Daddy, but has mom’s thunder thighs (ok doctor didn’t say that 2nd... read more

Sleep Regression + How We Fixed It

**DISCLAIMER: These photos were taken when Shiloh was 1 week old, before she was actually sleeping in her crib. We’ve since removed the bumpers, and all items from within the crib. She only sleeps with a little stuffed animal, nothing else is in the crib 🙂 Gotta... read more

What I’m Watching on Netflix

Shop my pajamas here I’ll admit it – I’m a Netflix junkie. I’ve watched just about every sitcom offered, and then some. I’m a total sucker for a light-hearted comedy, so I thought I’d round up some of my faves for you (in no... read more

How I Wash My Makeup Brushes + Favorite Brushes

I’m always looking for easier/more efficient ways to get things done. I used to spend forever cleaning my makeup brushes, and using expensive cleaners & shampoos. I finally decided to look up some alternatives to effectively cleaning/preserving my makeup... read more

How I Make My Coffee || Gluten & Dairy Free

Goooooood morning! I don’t know about you guys, but I cannot accomplish a single thing until I’ve had my morning coffee. It’s not even the caffeine that I need, there’s just something so comforting and happy about a warm cup of coffee that... read more

New Mom Faves

Good morning, sweet mamas! This post is just for you 🙂 Since Shiloh was born, we’ve been going through products like crazy, trying to find what works best for our little girl. And I mean, we’ve bought/tried it ALL! It’s always a bummer when you... read more

Our Kitchen Reveal! Before & After

THE BEFORE: I’m so excited to share the first room of our home redo series with you all! And it only makes sense that we start with our proudest, most favorite room – the kitchen. We purchased our home in the summer of 2016 and decided to pretty much redo... read more

Gift Guide: Cozy Christmas

Snowflake Set ‘Naughty List’ Dress Snowman Set ‘Dear Santa’ Pullover ‘Let Me Sleep’ Mask Bow Slippers Bow Pullover ‘Merry’ Pullover ‘Naughty > Nice’ Top ‘Let It Snow’ Set ‘Cookies By the... read more

Festive Holiday Treats!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is all the fun treats we get to eat/bake! When Donsuemor sent over some of their amazing Madelines, I had the perfect idea to make them a little extra festive. So I grabbed some hot chocolate, put on my Christmas music, and... read more

Updated EASY Blender Green Juice

I’m constantly updating my favorite smoothies & juices. I can’t get enough! I have to say, this recipe is probably my favorite that I’ve ever made. It’s super easy & you don’t even need a juicer to make it! Just throw all the... read more

Detoxifying Green Smoothie Recipe

I really love this delicious smoothie recipe. I usually have a smoothie for lunch, so I’ve made quite a few concoctions over time! This one is particularly beneficial for days like today – my day-after-cheat-meal -day. My stomach literally felt like it was... read more

Gift Guide: Mom & Dad

blanket // flowers // frame // stress relief basket // iPad mini //robe // wine opener // kiehls gift set // sound machine // wine // candle... read more

Gift Guide: Newlyweds

jewelry dish // mug // planner // coasters // thank you cards // vase // robe // mixer // candle... read more

New bed!

We began moving Christian’s things in yesterday. We will not officially start living together until we are married, so that means Jak & I have the big bed alllllll to ourselves! 😊 we got the funds for this amazing headboard as a shower gift from our parents... read more