Happy Father’s Day ♡

  I couldn’t think of a better day to do a post honoring my husband, than on his very first Father’s Day. (He’s experienced paw-thers day, but this is more the real deal 😉 ) One of the first things I noticed right after Shiloh was born was not... read more

5 Easy Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Hi friends! I’m so excited you stopped by to read today’s post. If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit, you know I’m all about efficiency/time-saving. We recently received the Babycook from Béaba and it’s not even funny how much... read more

Life Lately..10 Randoms

My Tee // Shiloh’s Tee // Headboard // Couch // Fluffy Pillow Shiloh Eloise is 16 lbs (probably + a few ozs too!) and 27″ long. Doctor says she’s long & lean like her Daddy, but has mom’s thunder thighs (ok doctor didn’t say that 2nd... read more

Sleep Regression + How We Fixed It

**DISCLAIMER: These photos were taken when Shiloh was 1 week old, before she was actually sleeping in her crib. We’ve since removed the bumpers, and all items from within the crib. She only sleeps with a little stuffed animal, nothing else is in the crib 🙂 Gotta... read more

What I’m Watching on Netflix

Shop my pajamas here I’ll admit it – I’m a Netflix junkie. I’ve watched just about every sitcom offered, and then some. I’m a total sucker for a light-hearted comedy, so I thought I’d round up some of my faves for you (in no... read more

How I Wash My Makeup Brushes + Favorite Brushes

I’m always looking for easier/more efficient ways to get things done. I used to spend forever cleaning my makeup brushes, and using expensive cleaners & shampoos. I finally decided to look up some alternatives to effectively cleaning/preserving my makeup... read more

How I Make My Coffee || Gluten & Dairy Free

Goooooood morning! I don’t know about you guys, but I cannot accomplish a single thing until I’ve had my morning coffee. It’s not even the caffeine that I need, there’s just something so comforting and happy about a warm cup of coffee that... read more

New Mom Faves

Good morning, sweet mamas! This post is just for you 🙂 Since Shiloh was born, we’ve been going through products like crazy, trying to find what works best for our little girl. And I mean, we’ve bought/tried it ALL! It’s always a bummer when you... read more

Our Kitchen Reveal! Before & After

THE BEFORE: I’m so excited to share the first room of our home redo series with you all! And it only makes sense that we start with our proudest, most favorite room – the kitchen. We purchased our home in the summer of 2016 and decided to pretty much redo... read more

Gift Guide: Cozy Christmas

Snowflake Set ‘Naughty List’ Dress Snowman Set ‘Dear Santa’ Pullover ‘Let Me Sleep’ Mask Bow Slippers Bow Pullover ‘Merry’ Pullover ‘Naughty > Nice’ Top ‘Let It Snow’ Set ‘Cookies By the... read more

Festive Holiday Treats!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is all the fun treats we get to eat/bake! When Donsuemor sent over some of their amazing Madelines, I had the perfect idea to make them a little extra festive. So I grabbed some hot chocolate, put on my Christmas music, and... read more

Updated EASY Blender Green Juice

I’m constantly updating my favorite smoothies & juices. I can’t get enough! I have to say, this recipe is probably my favorite that I’ve ever made. It’s super easy & you don’t even need a juicer to make it! Just throw all the... read more

Detoxifying Green Smoothie Recipe

I really love this delicious smoothie recipe. I usually have a smoothie for lunch, so I’ve made quite a few concoctions over time! This one is particularly beneficial for days like today – my day-after-cheat-meal -day. My stomach literally felt like it was... read more

Gift Guide: Mom & Dad

blanket // flowers // frame // stress relief basket // iPad mini //robe // wine opener // kiehls gift set // sound machine // wine // candle... read more

Gift Guide: Newlyweds

jewelry dish // mug // planner // coasters // thank you cards // vase // robe // mixer // candle... read more

New bed!

We began moving Christian’s things in yesterday. We will not officially start living together until we are married, so that means Jak & I have the big bed alllllll to ourselves! 😊 we got the funds for this amazing headboard as a shower gift from our parents... read more